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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.3 Processing Tools > 8.3.5 Coordinate system conversion

8.3.5 Projections & Conversions

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

These Tools cover all conversions between different reference systems (mainly, projections). Currently supported are UTM 30, UTM 31, latitude/longitude, GTM (with informal definition), War Office (approximate) and UTM in general.

  • a) Unit Conversion

Coordinate points can be converted between the projections, also batch routines of many points. Also, conversion of other units, such as length, area, degrees can be converted.

Just type the number or coordinates in the box, and press the Convert button next to it:

A training video shows the conversion of one point from UTM 31 to UTM 30 and its display in the GIS (in YouTube).

  • b) Vector Map Conversion

Soon to come

  • c) Raster Map Conversion

You can convert raster images (satellite images, aerial photographs, scanned topo maps etc) between different projections. Supported projections are currently UTM 30, UTM 31, latitude/longitude, all UTM zones, GTM (currently with inofficial definition), War Office (approximate).

With the option 'Many maps' you will convert all raster images of the selected type (e.g. JPG). For this, you select the folder and any file in this folder, as show below. It will then pick this file and all others of the same type.

  • d) Projection identification

Soon to come

  • e) Utilities for projection conversion: Geographic Translator

LUPMIS has 2 small, external utility programs for conversion of projection coordinates integrated. You will find link to both of them at the bottom of the unit conversion page (Processing Tools > Coordinate system conversion > Unit conversion).

  • f) Utilities for projection conversion: CoordinateCalculator

At the first call to CoordinateCalculator, it will prompt you to install it (with a small, automatic installation procedure). For use from War Office, you have to set it up, as explained in Chapter


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