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8.6.3 Census Data Lists

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Population data can be retrieved in form of tables, both of settlements and of Districts:

Select, if you want the actual population (of census data) or including history or including forecast for 2010 / 2020 / 2030. You can also filter data (only above a certain size) and / or sort the data.

The standard output will loke like this:

If you want a population forecast, the planner should determine the size of population growth, which can be supported. This is an important part of spatial planning. Individual annual growth rates can be assigned to different settlement grades. Proposed figures are shown.

Output is as follows:

The displayed table is also saved in file
Temp_population.csv (in folder C:\LUPMIS\LUPMISTemp), which can easily be imported in Excel for further processing or printing.

Population data of Districts (areas) show population densities, additionally also descriptive census data, such as schooling, health, infrastructure etc:


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