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8.2.4 Polygons

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Following functions are available under Drawing Tools > Polygons to draw special polygons:

The concept of drawing ‘precise’ parcels is the same as for ‘precise’ lines, as explained in Chapter 8.2.2.

  • a) Rectangular Parcel(s)

A rectangular parcel (with 90° angles of the sides) can be defined by its width and height in meters. As explained earlier, the start point, i.e. the northwest corner, has to be entered either directly from Map Maker or from an existing DRA file or by its x/y coordinates.

The parcel can also be created. Be aware, that 90 deg orientation is the 'straight' default direction.

This Tool is also to create multiple identical parcels of the same dimensions. Beside the size (width and height) of the parcel ('parcel 1'), you define how many parcels should be in the row ('to the right') and how many rows ('up') there should be. (Example below: 6 in the row, 2 rows).

You can also alter the 'gap' (distance) between the parcels. For most schemes, this will remain 0 , i.e. no gap between the parcels.

If the angle is default of 90°, the parcels are oriented in W-E and N-S direction, see below:

If the transformation angle for the the copying process is specified, the copy process will follow that oblique angle, see below:

  • b) Irregular Parcel(s)

If a parcel is not of rectangular shape, you can define each corner point of this polygon by its distance / bearing or by x / y coordinates, similar to the definition of a line (under ' Lines').

Before, the start point (normally the top left corner) has to be set.

  • Many irregular parcels

This is imilar to the function above, but creating multiple copies to the right and / or up of the defined irregular parcel. Transformation angles for the copying process different to 90° can be defined (see also illustrations above).


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