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3. GIS operations

3.14 Transfer Styles from One Layer to Another

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; general Map Maker training

You can transfer styles (or planning zones, in LUPMIS) from one layer to another:

1. Identify which layer has the styles, and to which layer should these styles be copied.

2. As preparation, check that no double units appear on both of these layers:
In live layer > Right-mouse > Live layer actions > Tidying > Remove any duplicate objects > OK, and save live layer

3. As additional preparation, ensure that all labels are inside the polygons:
In live layer > Right-mouse > Live layer actions > Basic operations > Ensure all polygon labels are inside > OK, and save live layer. This is necessary for the seed points in the next step

4. Copy the target layer (where the styles should be copied to) to live layer, then in
live layer > Right-mouse > Live layer actions > Spatial queries > Inherit attributes from other file >

> OK > Inherit attributs from other file: Polygons file > Select file with original styles from previous step > Open > Tick on 'Inherit styles' > Clear tick from 'Inherit labels' > OK,

and save live layer, preferably under new name.

Done: The new layer now has all the styles of the other layer.

- - - - -

If there is any kind of a problem, you can add an additional process between step 3 and 4:

Copy the layer with the styles to live layer and create seed points:
In live layer > Right-mouse > Live layer actions > Create seed points from polygons > OK, and save this as a NEW dra (point) layer.

At the next step (4), you select this as the 'polygon' file.


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