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5. Conversion of data > 5.2 Vector maps

5.2.6 Convert Vector Data to Raster Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

Occasionally, there might be the need to convert a vector DRA layer to a raster map (image), for example for overlay on 3D terrain models.

1. Display the layer (through
Add layer)

Main menu > File > Save screen image > As bitmap > Save to raster file window: Width: In most cases, it is recommended to have a higher resolution than indicated, for example 3000 or 5000 > Colour depth: 24 bit > Choose either JPG or BMP (latter for 3D visualization, see  Chapter 6.8) > Tick: Map Maker calibration > OK > Specify new file name > Save

You can also convert an entire map with multiple layers into a raster image through this process.


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