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3. GIS operations

3.4 Create Line(s) to Polygon

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

Sometimes, you have lines, that form a polygon, but the system still recognizes them only as lines. You want to convert them to a polygon.

1. Be sure, that all lines which form the polygon, are snapped to each other (see  Chapter 2.11 on Snapping Lines).

2. Load the layer with the lines into the live layer:
Right-mouse > Project manager > Project manager window: Add layer > Select folder and file > Open > OK > Copy layer to live layer

3. Be aware, that all lines in the live layer will be polygonized. Therefore, it might be necessary, that you delete all other features (
Select > Delete)

4. Once, you have only the line of consideration for polygon formation:
Right-mouse > Live layer actions > Live layer actions window: Polygon manipulation > Convert lines to polygons > OK > Convert lines to polygons window: ‘Subtract island’ and ‘Remove redundant corners’ and ‘Use left/right hand naming convention’ must be checked, Snap at 0, Style for foreground and for background can be any > OK

5. Don’t forget to save.

- - - - -

Similar to the task of converting lines to polygons, you can also convert points to a polygon (see  Chapter 3.11).

See also  Annex 16.3, if you have the coordinates of a parcel from field survey in a digital format, which you like to import and form a polygon.


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