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2. GIS data entry

2.11 Snap Lines

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; general Map Maker training

If you digitize lines, which have to be continuous or to form one long line, they have to be attached to each other, i.e. ‘snapped’. You connect one line to the next by having the ‘corner vertex’ (i.e. end point) of one line at exactly the same location as the ‘corner vertex’ (i.e. start point) of the next line:
Right-mouse > Edit > Edit object > Double-click on end vertex of one line (it then should be selected = circled) > right-mouse > Edit vertex window: Actions > Snap vertex to nearest vertex > OK

The two lines should then form one line (but still in two segments). If there is no snapping, the two points have been too far apart: One point, after being selected, has to be moved closer to the end point of the other line (by dragging it closer).

The same applies to all intersections of lines.


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