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5.4.4 Export LUPMIS Data to other Programs

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

If you want to share LUPMIS data with other agencies, which are not using Map Maker, but other GIS programs, the preferred standard of vector data is the shape file format. Convert your data file(s) by:
Main menu > Utilities > Vector utilities > Export files > to ArcView shape > Export from DRA to ArcView Shape file, Step 1 window: Choose source DRA file > Select folder and DRA file > Open > Next step > Step 2 window: Select type (polyon, line or point) > Next step > Step 3 window: (Only if you have no database attached, you can choose ‘Export default database’, otherwise: ) 'Export selected database' > Select DBF file (most likely, with same filename as DRA file) > Open > Choose link column window: ID > OK > Select all columns > Next step >

> Step 4 window: Choose target file > Specify new file name > Save > Finish > Confirm save.

Now you have at least (!) three files for copying to the external installation (
SHP, SHX and DBF).

See also the following Chapter 5.4.5 for the specific export to AutoCAD.

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Note: If you want to transfer raster data, standard is TIF format with attached ‘world file’ (TFW file). If you want to transfer a JPG file, also be sure that you attach the ‘world file’ (JPW). See also Annex 2.3 for 'world files'.


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