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4. Attribute database > 4.3 Display database information

4.3 Retrieve Database Information

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

After short introduction, there are 6 subchapters (A-G) to explain different features to retrieve database information:

If you have a database attached to the GIS file (see Chapters 4.1 and 4.2), you can easily set up Map Maker to display the stored information by clicking on the particular mapping unit.

For example: File Ghana_regions_popdata with standard display labels (names of regions) and standard styles:

If you want to see more data for each region, you have to call the database (
DBF file) and attach it to the graphics (DRA) file: Right-mouse > Project manager window: Data link > Database > Choose database > Select folder and file (here: Ghana_regions_popdata.dbf) > Open

The ‘link column’ is recommended to be always ‘ID’.

- - - - -

4.3.1 On-hit

Still in the Project manager window, under the Data link tab: On hit > Tick: ‘Make layer hit-able with the data query tool’ > Database. You can now take data fields out, which you do not want for display. For example:

Close the Project manager window (OK)

Click the Data-tool on the toolbar left, then on the requested region, and a window will show all information available for this region:


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