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7.3 Detail Mapping for Local Plan

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Planner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

7.3.1 Concept of Detail Mapping

If land use planning has to be done in already built-up land, for example in towns, current structures like buildings, roads, etc have to be considered.

Principally, there are two options:

  • Either, to plan ‘around’ existing structures,

  • Or, to consider demolishing them where necessary.

To express land use planning recommendations accordingly, these structures have to be mapped in a large-scale, ‘detailed mapping’. In most cases, this will be done only for rather small areas.

Recommended mapping scale is 1:2000
. High-resolution imagery or orthophotos are necessary. Photography or imagery must have a resolution of 1 m or better. Remember: 1 cm at the map is equivalent to 20 m on ground at 1:2000.

Geographical accuracy and minimum mapping unit:

  • Geographical accuracy: 5 mm = 10 m (at 1:2000)

  • Minimum mapping units: 5 x 5 mm = 10 x 10 m. Smaller units do not have to be identified.


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