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5.1 Points

5.1.1 Import List of Points from Text File

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

If you have points with their coordinates, for example a listing of points with their latitude / longitude or UTM coordinates, you can import them to LUPMIS.

1. Enter the coordinates with a text editor (WordPad, NotePad or similar) into a simple text file (ASCII file), with following syntax:

ID , latitude , longitude , description

ID , x , y , description

Each line should stand for one point (record). Be sure, that the last line (record) is closed with an
It will look like:
1,-0.53,5.64,Point A
2,-0.37,5.64,Point B
3,-0.37,5.45,Point C
4,-0.53,5.45,Point D


2. Save this text file with the extension .csv (File > Save As).

3. Import this file in Map Maker: Utilities > Vector utilities > Import files > Comma separated variables with xy (*.csv)  > Step 1 of 3 window: Choose source CSV file > Select folder > Select CSV file, as created in previous step > Open > Next step > Step 2 of 3 window: Assign references:

  • Column containing the object ID: A

  • Column containing the X coordinate: B

  • Column containing the Y coordinate: C

  • Column containing the display label: D

  • Format of X and Y coordinates: Leave default of ‘Integer or decimal number’

> Next step > Step 3 of 3 window: Choose target file > Specify temporary file name > Save > Confirm save


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