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5.1.7 Download GPS Track from Garmin GPS

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

For Garmin GPS 76: Prior to connecting the Garmin GPS 76 to the computer, you have to install the driver to enable the communication between the GPS and the computer (see  Annex 1.3).
For Garmin GPS 62 or 62s: There is no need of installing a driver. You have to set it up only once initially, then can go to the field, and download the data into GIS / LUPMIS.

See Chapter 5.1.6 for the procedure to track in the field.

Preferred option for the Garmin GPS 62 and 62s, with LUPMIS installed, is the LUPMIS Drawing Tool:
Import GPS > GPX from GPS:

> Select the drive letter of the GPS (it should be displayed automatically, if drive G-O) > Garmin > GPX > Select track file > 'Select' > Choose point or line or polygon > Convert

The result will be a DRA file in the correct projection (UTM 30) in folder LUPMIS\LUPMISTemp.

- - - - -

Alternatively (without LUPMIS):

1. Turn GPS on. (See also  Annex 12, to set up the GPS and remarks on tracking).
1a. If you have a Garmin GPS 62s: You have to 'Save the current' track
2. Connect GPS to computer via download cable
3. In Map Maker: Main menu > Utilities > GPS Utilities > Import data >
For Garmin GPS 62 or 62s:
> GPX >

For Garmin 76:

. > Download routes / tracks >

Only if communication by serial (not by USB cable): Check, that baud rate is on 9600, GPS device on Garmin. First, try COM, port, if this fails, try the other COM settings.

> Check that the communication to the GPS is established (for example, display of GPS… software version, see below) >
If communication is not established, install driver (see Annex 1.3).

> Download track from device >

After a few minutes, point coordinates will be displayed:

> If coordinates are in lat/long, with numbers smaller than 10 (1, see above): Convert Lat/Long to XY coordinates (2) > Choose map projection window: UTM 30 >

(If UTM 30 is not shown, you have to set up UTM 30 as projection, see Annex 1.1.5)

> Save to file (3) > Select as file type: 'Map Maker drawing file (*.DRA)’ > OK

Note: If the GPS does not have a USB port, but communication runs through (old-fashioned) serial port, there is no need to install a driver.

It is recommended to delete the GPS memory after downloading
(at the Garmin GPS: PAGE till you reach ‘Tracks’ screen > Navigate to ‘Clear’ and ENTER > Confirm with Yes).

- - - - -

If you have successfully installed the driver, but the message does not appear in Map Maker, you might have a GPS which can not communicate easily through USB (e.g. Garmin 78). In Map Maker, you can convert the GPX file through Utilities > GPS Utilities > Import data > GPX and call the file in your GPS.

Alternatively, you can use the  LUPMIS Drawing Tool (if installed): Import OSM/GPX.

- - - - -

The procedure to download points collected by the GPS (‘waypoints’) is very similar. You only have to select
‘Download Waypoints/Landmarks’ instead of ‘Download routes/tracks’ in step 3 above.


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