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Annex 4.4 Map Maker Troubleshooting

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Expert; general Map Maker training

Advice for trouble shooting: If the computer fails, Map Maker does not respond or unexpected data appear, you have to:

  • Close Map Maker (x at top right)

  • If you can not close Map Maker, you have to Ctrl-Alt-Del > Task Manager > Windows Task Manager window: Applications > Map Maker > End Task

  • If this fails, but you can access the Task Manager, try with Process > Look for MMM.exe > End Process.

  • After having exited Map Maker, restart Map Maker.

  • If the problem continues in Map Maker, reboot the computer.

  • If you can not exit from Map Maker at all, press the on button of the computer for a couple of seconds. The computer will turn off. Restart the computer and Map Maker.

  • If the system appears not to react or to be very slow, look for other activities, which might slow down your processor or your harddisk, such as virus scanning, file transfer, statistical or graphical processing.

  • If the system appears to work smooth, but Map Maker does not open, even if clicked both on the desktop and from folder C:\Map Maker\MMM.exe, go to the task manager (as explained above) and the delete all MMM processes, and reboot.

  • If this also fails, repeat the previous step and delete as many processes as you can, and reboot.

  • In practice hardly ever observed, there can be a corruption of the Map Maker program: Re-install Map Maker.

  • If problem continues or messages like this:

appear, un-install Map Maker, delete the entire Map Maker folder, and re-install Map Maker. If you have LUPMIS, re-install Map Maker from the LUPMIS installation routine for Map Maker (step 3 of installation), as this will also re-configure for LUPMIS.

  • If the Selection Manager in Map Maker shows erratic behaviour like shown below, install Map Maker (step 2 of the installation) and LUPMIS (step 3) again:


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