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3. GIS operations

3.12 Define by Distance

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; general Map Maker training

If the distance to a given feature is of importance, you can select – and then process – by defining a distance to an object.

Having the objects (here: points labelled 1-7) in the live layer: Edit > Show Selection Manager > Selection Manager window: Find (1, see below) > Find objects by criteria (2) > Search by criteria window: Within (3) > Enter distance in meters after ‘Within=’ (4) > Add file > Select folder > Select filename (here: File which contains the HQ point) > Ok > Checkmark should become ‘valid’, green (6) and file should be listed > Ok (7).

In this example, only the three points 1,2,3 are within the given distance (600 m) from HQ.

Alternatively, you can also search for given distance from all objects, neighbour, inside a polygon or all polygons.


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