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5. Conversion of data

5.5 Terrain Data

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; general Map Maker training

5.5.1 Create Terrain File

In most cases in LUPMIS, the standard process to produce a terrain file for 3D visualization and for general DEM work is through the contour DRA file.

Precondition is that the altitude is stored in meter in the display label.

Start with an overview (small file size):
Main menu > Utilities > 3D surface utilities > Create surface > From Contours > Select folder and file of altitude lines (DRA file) > Open > Contour to surface ... window: Settings > Tick: Regularize spacing of vertices > Accept the default settings (in vertex every x m, cell size x m, columns, rows) > Save as DEM > Specify new filename (for terrain file) > Save

Once you have experienced enough with these default settings, you should go to higher resolutions. With the same approach and at the window shown above, reduce the vertex distance to
100 m (1, see below).

In most cases, you don't have to change the number of columns (3) and rows (4), because this is automatically adjusted.

Save as before.

There are various options to display this terrain file in 3D (see Chapter 6.8).


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