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8.5.5 Permits Permits: List & Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Basic; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

b) Permit status (including map)

  • a) Lists and maps

Permits with all theirs data can be listed with Permit Tools > Development permit > List / Map. There is a wide range of selecting a subset of permit, by their approval status and which data should be presented, with particular attention to the financial status or summary (see also Chapter and for their location with x/y coordinates.

An example of the most basic data listing is shown below:

The second last record in the sample above shows a case, where a permit has been approved for 2 parcels (with 2 UPN).

Maps can be created with the buttons at the top of the listing.

  • b) Permit Status

Permit Tools > Development permit > Permit status map will generate a status map of the permits in a Local Plan:

Another example:

This map shows the current status of the permitting process (yellow: under process, green: approved, red: refused).

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Survey points of parcel can be listed with the additional option at
Permit Tools > Siteplan > Tick 'List of survey points':


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