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7.6.5 Technical Notes for Local Plan

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

A) In the planning process, the next specific planning or support maps might be:

B) For printout of the Local Plan, see Chapter 6: GIS Presentation

C) To derive statistics (area sizes) or reports.

D) Be aware, that currently data are mainly derived and referenced to GPS units, with an error upto 3 m (at 90%). This is sufficient are for planning purposes, but not for cadastral documentation, which requires higher accuracy - and is more costly.

E) The entire process is very resource-demanding. There might be various problems, if the hardware does not fully support complex maps. Some recommendations for alternative approaches, when facing problems, are mentioned in the text.

Following error messages might appear:

  • ‘Access violation at…’: The system encountered corrupt data. Go back to earlier data.

  • ‘Deleting file failed….’ and the system does not exit from live layer mode: Try to exit Map Maker. If this is impossible, Ctrl-Alt-Del will help (--> Start Task Manager > Windows Task Manager window > Map Maker > End Task). When re-starting Map Maker, message will appear ‘Previous layer found. Do you want to recover it?’ > Yes > Save live layer (observe, that you save in the correct folder)

In extreme cases an entire mapping unit appear to change. You then have to go back to the earlier version of your map, copy the unit out to a new, temporary layer, process it there and copy it back to your land use map.

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See also Chapter 7.5.5 for more technical notes, Annex 4 for general troubleshooting.


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