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Main menu:

8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.8 Reports Tools

8.8.6 Listing of Project Data

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Basic; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Clicking on Projects Tools > Retrieval > List/Map will bring you to selection options, where you can select which project locations you want to see:

You can select by a wide range of topics:

  • General sector (such as education, health, etc, in LUPMIS standards)

  • Specific class (such as senior high school, clinic, etc, in LUPMIS standards)

  • District / Region of interest,

  • Project name,

  • Keywords

  • Donor

  • Geographical location (coordinates),

  • id.

Press '
List', and it will show the listing of all projects for this criteria:

Pressing '
On map' will show the location of the project in the GIS:

You can also display the map of all selected project locations, with a symbol of either their general 'sector' or their specific 'class':


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