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4. Attribute database

4.8 Merge Lines with Attached Database

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Expert; general Map Maker training

If you have lines to be merged (or joined) to a line map, you can copy–paste, but you always have to consider the integrity of the database.

1. Main menu > Utilities > Database utilities > Edit database > Select DBF file of first layer > Ensure that column ID is selected > Column > Starting from 1 > Apply simple serial number > Table > OK

2. Main menu > Utilities > Vector utilities > Actions > Select DRA file of first layer > Transform window: Ids and labels > Re-make object Ids > OK > Re-make object IDs window: Format: # > First: 1 > OK > Save as window: Select old file name > Save

3. Repeat this process with all files to be merged, but change the starting number from 1 in example above to a number which is higher than the previous file largest number

For example: If the first file has 20 units, to be renumbered from 1 till 20, the next file should have a renumbering starting from 21 or 100.

4. You can then load the files to the live layer:
Main menu > Edit > Load file into live layer with data > Select folder and file
Repeat for the other file(s) and save as one combined file:  
Main menu > Edit > Save live layer > Select folder, enter new file name


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