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6. Presentation

6.8 3D Visualization

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; general Map Maker training

The target is to create a 3-dimensional view of the area, including the topography (relief and slope), with the possibility to show not only the current features on ground, but also to planned future land uses.

In Map Maker it is the easiest to create the digital terrain model (DTM) from contour lines, as explained in Chapter 5.5. Alternatives are possible.

To create the view:
Main menu > Utilities > 3D surface utilities > View surface > 3D view > Choose folder and TER file > Open > View surface window

This window requires some explanations:

- 1. You can define from where to which direction you want to view.

- 1a. With the left mouse you click on the small map, where the location of the viewer is, displayed in blue (A, see below). Alternatively, you can also enter coordinates at the top left.

- 1b. With the right mouse, you define the centre of the view (to where to look; B, see below). Alternatively, you can also enter the coordinates on the left side.

2. You can define the ‘angle of lens’ to look: Should it be a wide range from left to right, like a short camera lense, then pick one of the low values in the circle (see below), or ...

Or, should it be ‘zoomed-in’, like a camera tele-lense, then pick one of the high values in the circle (see below). Observe the angle on the right side of the display.

3. For a clearer display: View surface window: Settings > Rendering > Distance Haze > Take both ticks off > Sky > Leave ‘Plain colour’ ticked > Un-tick ‘Use graded colour’

4. Have a first view:
View surface window: View

- - - -

If this first display is ok, you can improve the image:

- You can overlay a polygon (
DRA) file to the terrain: View surface window: Settings > Layers > Add layer > Select folder and DRA file > Open

You can’t overlay a line or point. If you like to display a line or point, you have to create a bitmap image in Map Maker:
Project manager window > Add layer > Select folder and file of line (or point) > Open > OK > Main menu > File > Save screen image > As bitmap > Save to raster file window: Width: Increase to 3000-5000 pixels > Colour depth: 24 bit > File format: Windows bitmaps (BMP) > Tick: Map Maker calibration  > OK > Specify filename > Save. You can display this bitmap image by the following procedure.

- - - - -

- You can overlay a raster image (
BMP) file to the terrain: View surface window: Settings > Renderings > Drape > Tick: Use draped bitmap > Choose bitmap > Select folder and BMP file > Open

If you have a JPG file (for example, orthophotomap), you have to convert it first to BMP format (
Main menu > Utilities > Bitmap utilities > Convert file format > from JPG > Select folder and JPG file > Save as window: Save as type: BMP > Specify new filename > Save)

- - - - -

- You might want to improve the resolution:
View surface window: Settings > Image format > Increase width to 1000 or higher


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