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3. GIS operations

3.9 Move or Copy Individual Features on a Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; general Map Maker training

Beside moving an entire map (see  Chapter 3.8), you can also move one or more selected units.

First, you calculate the distance the individual feature (polygon or line or point) has to be moved horizontally (in W or E direction) and vertically (in N or S direction). See also  Chapter 5.3.6 (Shift a Raster Map) for the procedure to calculate shift distances in meters.

The map has to be in the live layer. Then:
With the Select-tool (at toolbar left), you select the unit > Main menu > Edit > Show Selection Manager (unless already open) > Selection Manager window, which should show the selected unit(s) > Actions > Transformations > Shift coordinates of vectors >

Shift co-ordinates window: Enter the horizontal and / or vertical distances (in meters). In this example, the map will be moved 25 m to the West, 15 m to the North. > OK

The unit(s) will be moved. You can close the Selection Manager window.

Don’t forget to save (
right-mouse > Save live layer as…).

- - - - -

Alternatively, but less recommended, you can also ‘drag’ a unit to a new place:

Again, the map has to be in live layer. Then:
Take the Select-tool (at toolbar left) > Select the unit(s): A small blue square will appear at the bottom right, which you can then drag to a new location.

For explanation of these blue marks, see end of Chapter 5.2.5


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