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LUPMIS is the Land Use Planning and Management Information System.

Since 2008, a spatial planning concept has been developed, defined and established at the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD) of the Government of Ghana (2012 to be legalized), under the umbrella of the  Land Administration Project.

TCPD is the sole governmental agency for spatial planning at all levels (national, regional, district). Spatial planning is understood as space-related (location-referenced, map-based, including a strong GIS component).  Other agencies are in charge of economic, policy and development planning.

This Manual has 5 components:

  • Chapters 1-6 are a software manual for the GIS software (Map Maker) applied for the spatial planning, as part of the capacity building and planning concept.

  • Chapter 7 describes the planning concept.

  • Chapter 8 explains the customization of the GIS and specific software developed for the needs of spatial planning by TCPD in Ghana (LUPMIS Tools).

  • Chapter 9  shows plans and  databases.

  • Annexes document all technical aspects of software and data standards, which a part of this established information system.

Target is the introduction and support of IT technologies into the newly introduced planning schemes for urban planning in Ghana. LUPMIS will work primarily as a decision-support tool for planning and decision making.

Criteria for its development were:

  • Efficiency

  • Sustainability

  • Appropriateness in its technology

  • Simplicity and ease of use

  • Compatibility with other databases

This GIS User Manual is addressed to users, both land use planners and GIS staff to perform all tasks of land use planning, as far as it can be performed with GIS. Being a draft, it will be updated frequently. The official document resides on the lt Land Administration Project's websiteAs a training manual, it is based on needs for land use planning in Ghana and on experiences of many months training of future GIS staff and land use planners.

LUPMIS-GIS runs with the GIS software Map Maker. All aspects of technology transfer, i.e. control of the system by in-house human resources, are assured. Capacity building is seen as the key to development, including - and here in particular - in the field of ICT.

A theoretical introduction into GIS is documented at the 'GIS Introduction for LUPMIS'.

Disclaimer: Any reference to this Manual or quote of requires prior approval of the Project (see contact email address below). The Project is not taking any responsibility or guarantee for functionality of explained processes and models, and external links. The original design ('concept') can be viewed at a separate website
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