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A1.3 Installation of Garmin GPS Driver

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; general GIS training

The Project has distributed Garmin GPS GPSMap 76CSx as an efficient, easy and affordable GPS device to collect field data. (See Annex 12 for setting up and handling the GPS).

Data from the GPS (mainly, tracks and waypoints) can easily be downloaded from this GPS to Map Maker (see Chapter 5.1.7).

Recently, the Garmin GPS 62 has been procured and distributed. This does not require a driver anymore. Data can be directly downloaded, preferably with the LUPMIS Drawing Tool 'Import GPS' (see Chapter 5.1.7).

For the Garmin Garmin 76 and etrex, but not for the GPS 62:

Prior to downloading, a driver has to be installed in the computer:
1. Receive file USBDrivers_23.exe from TCPD-HQ / LUPMIS and copy it to your computer
2. Have GPS and download cable ready, but do not connect, do not turn the GPS on.
3. Double-click on file USBDrivers_23.exe
4. When following screen appears, click on ‘Run’

5. The Welcome screen of Garmin will appear. Click on ‘Next’

6. Follow the instructions. During the installation process, you will be prompted to turn the GPS on and connect it to the PC.

If there is an error message indicating that it can not find a file (for example, grmnusb.sys), you have to find this file in your Windows Explorer, and browse to it. The file is on your computer!

Other messages (‘Found new hardware….’) can be ignored.

7. When the installation process is finished, you can close all windows.

8. You can now download data from the GPS (see  Chapter 5.1.7).

The driver is successfully installed and communication is established between Map Maker and the GPS, if the download screen in Map Maker appears like this:

If you have successfully installed the driver, but the message does not appear in Map Maker, you might have a GPS which can not communicate easily through USB (e.g. Garmin 78). In Map Maker, you can convert the
GPX file through Utilities > GPS Utilities > Import data > GPX and call the file in your GPS.

Alternatively, you can use the 'Import OSM/GPX' Drawing Tool (see Chapter 8.2.10).


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