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Main menu:

8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.8 Reports Tools

8.8.2 Listing of Reports

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Basic; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Clicking on Reports Tools > List/Map/Document will bring you to selection options, where you can select which report(s) you want to see:

You can select by a wide range of topics:

  • Type of document

  • District / Region of interest (circled in gray above),

  • Title,

  • Keywords (such as MTDP, shown below, circled in gray above),

  • Geographical location (coordinates),

  • File name,

  • Source (circled in gray above),

  • id.

Press '
List', and it will show the listing of all reports for this criteria:

Pressing '
Open' will open the document. If no 'open' appears in that column, the actual document is not available in that installation and has to be copied from the LUPMIS Supplement DVD (see Annex 11).

Pressing '
On map' will show the 'area of interest' in the GIS:

- - - - -

You can also search within the reports with the content search engine: Reports Tools > Retrieval > Search inside document > will open 2 demonstration windows and the button 'Start Document Search'

In the new window: Enter search term > You can - but dont have to - define file types and size > Search'.
Number of files with search term is shown, number of occurrencies within the selected document shown here. By double-click you can open the document.


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