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2. GIS data entry

2.19 Digitize Parcels from Sector Layout

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

As a task executed very often at TCPD offices, digitizing sector layouts should be explained with examples:

You load the scanned and georeferenced sector layout map:

1. Zoom in to a scale of 1:1,250 (
Main menu > Navigate > Zoom to scale > 1250, see also Annex 2.6 for scale discussion).

2. Select the Polygon-tool from the toolbar left and digitize a block of adjacent parcels following the outline (see  Chapter 2.4)

3. Select the Cutter-tool from the toolbar left and cut through the digitized block, preferably first along the major cut line (see also  Chapter 2.8)

4. …. and then through the minor cut line

5. After all cuttings, every parcel should be an individual polygon, marked with a blue label circle.

6. Don’t forget to save at the end of the session


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