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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.7 Revenue Tools > 8.7.3 Retrieval of revenue data

8.7.3 Retrieval of Revenue Data

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Basic; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD Listing

For a listing of all or of selected revenue records, choose the Revenue Tools > Property or Business > List / Map function. You can select all or you can filter (i.e. retrieve only specific) by revenue status and/or collector, Local Plan, street name, UPN, geographical location (circle or rectangle), owner or rateable value in the first menu screen:

The second menu screen offers the selection of data to be displayed in addition to the core data, for example: street names, balance, coordinates, owner etc. Just tick on the data set you want to see, but be aware that the data volume might be large. In general, it is recommended not to list too many sets, as the displayed table might extend very much to the right requiring lots of scrolling left and right.

At the top right you see an option to limit the screen display to avoid over-long listing on-screen. If you are sure you want to list all records, put it upto a high number. If the number is too large, data still can be viewed in an Excel file.

Below the listing you will see various options to retrieve these data in single files (for import to Excel) or to display them in the GIS:


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