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7.7.3 Street Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

A street map containing all street names can be easily derived from a Local Plan. A street map serves for easy orientation for the public, i.e. for people not familiar with the area. It can also be used for service installations, where on-ground planning and installation are referring to streets, not to individual parcels.

Street names will be given by authorized committees at district or municipiality level. They very often end with 'Avenue' (for larger streets), 'Street', 'Close', 'Circle', 'Lane', often also ‘topic-related’ in an area of 1-4 Local Plans (e.g. fruits in the northwest part of a township, Ghanaian towns in the far west, international rivers in the southwest, historical events in the south etc).

Street names should follow following criteria:

  • Names should be unique within the given area, no duplications

  • Sources of names may include themes, such as history, culture, fauna, flora

  • Existing historical names should be retained, where there is no violation of policy

  • Names should not contain special characters, such as hyphons, apostrophes, dashes etc.

  • Names should not contain directional connotations

  • Short streets should should have short names

  • Names should not be longer than 18 characters

  • Suffixes should not be longer than 4 characters

You can search for a street through the gazetteer:
Main menu > Navigate > by Gazetteer > Navigation window: Gazetteer > Either: Select street name from list (1, see below), or: Enter first letters of street at Find and press Find > OK (2)

- - - - -

Prior to searching, the navigation gazetteer inside the Map Maker project has to be set up: Right-mouse  > Project manager window: Navigation > Gazetteers > Add gazetteer > Select folder and DRA file with street names > Open > OK. (See also Annex 10 for standards of street name files).

A similar search can be done for a house number in a given street.

- - - - -

Process to create street map layer:

Digitize streets in a new layer as text in the middle of the roads (see step 9.2 of Chapter 7.6.3) and save it in a separate file, with a name ending "_streetnames' (for example, Papaase 2_streetnames; see also Annex 10 about standards).

Enter the street names with a height of 14 m for major roads (streets, avenues etc) and 10 m for minor roads (lanes etc) under the option 'Stretched between 2 points'. If the street is curved, you can use also the 'Curved along an S curve' option.

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More reading:

  • World Bank: Street Naming

  •  Ghanaweb: Importance of Street Naming


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