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6.3.3 Location Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

A location map helps to show the overview, i.e. displaying a large area, upto all of Ghana, at a small scale, with a box indicating the extent of the actual plan or map.

1. Create a simple outline map of all of Ghana or of Ghana-South / North, without colours, only lines, no or very little text (because then it will not draw attention away from the main map).

2. Save this map in a project (Main menu > File > Save project), e.g. Ghana_regions_shortlabels.geo.

3. Go back to your previous map (‘main map’)

4. Select furniture mode:
Right-mouse > Tick ‘Map furniture’

5. Define the area on the Map Maker screen, where the location map should be placed (like any of the other furniture tools) by dragging the ‘Box’ cursor from one corner to the opposite corner

Map furniture window: Furniture type > Location map > Select folder and project from step 2 above > OK > OK

7. Resize (to have a correct red box as reference to the main map): Still in furniture mode, you will see the cursor changing when moving from the location map to the area outside. Drag, when there is a double-arrow. You must resize, whenever you change your main map.

8. You can move the location map by dragging from inside the map. Place the map somewhere close to the edge or even corner of the main map

9. You can change the transparency or place a border by:
Still in furniture mode: Right-mouse > Map furniture window: Panel style > Change background transparency, or border style, or border colour > OK

Again: If the red box does not show or not correctly, resize the location map (see step 7 above).

You can delete a location map: In furniture mode: Click on the location map > right-mouse > Map furniture window: Delete


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