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1. GIS handling

1.5 Measure

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; general Map Maker training

A) To measure the distance between two locations, use the Tape-tool from the toolbar left. Click on the tool, then point to the starting point, and then to the end point. Distance is shown in meters.

B) You can also measure areas on-the-fly with right-mouse > Measurement > Area measurer and delineate the area.

C) If the layer is hit-able, you can use the Data-tool from the toolbar left to retrieve measurements, i.e. for polygons, their area and their perimeter. See Chapter 1.4 for the procedure to make a layer hit-able.

D) If you like to have the area sizes displayed on all units: Right-mouse > Project manager > Project manager window: Components (1, see below) > Layers (2) > Style (3) > Labels (4) > Area (5) > OK (6)

If area sizes are displayed in ha, but you prefer them in square meters (for example, for parcels), you can change them through
Right-mouse > Project manager > Project manager window: Project information > Units > Unit for area: squ.metres > OK

Note: If this appears to fail, convert first to acre, then to square meters.

E) For more measurements, including areas, see Chapter 3.5.

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LUPMIS exercise: On layer Ghana_regions measure the distances between different regions of Ghana.


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