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6.6.2 Print Standard Working Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

‘Standard working maps’ are any maps for work discussion and presentation, including at official levels, but not formal planning maps (see  next chapter ). The print procedure will
automatically include the grid, title, scale bar, scale and north orientation in a professional, cartographic layout.

1. Start to print through:
Main menu > File > Print > Print and page set-up window

2. Select or check the printer:
Print and page set-up window: Quick print > Printer set up

3. Select size:
Printer dialogue window (which is printer specific): Select the size and if it should be printed on portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode.

. Back to the Print and page set-up window: Tick ‘Landscape orientation’ (if it is for landscape mode) and note the suggested scale. Do not press the button 'Print'.

> Scaled print (1, see below) > Scale: Enter scale (2, most likely you have to test various scales before you are satisfied with the extent of the map, see also note below for large prints) > Automatic (3) > Sheet size: Current printer paper (4) > Select the layout: Either full size on the sheet or with the panel (legend etc) on the right side or at the bottom (5, see part B of  Chapter 6.6.1) > If with panel: Edit side panel (6, more explanation in  Chapter 6.6.1) > Edit copyright (7) > Enter: ‘© LUPMIS @ TCPD, on’, and the date > OK > Preview (8) > Check the map thoroughly, then close the window > Next (9) >

In the next menu (Print window) you  can change more print settings, particularly if you want to print maps larger than A4 on an A4 printer. In most cases, you will check the map display and press: Print.


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