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5. Conversion of data > 5.1 Points

5.1.2 Import List of Points from Excel

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; general Map Maker training

1. Create a file of points in Excel

In Excel, create a new spreadsheet and enter (or import) following fields:

  • ID: Containing consecutive numbers, 1, 2, 3 …

  • E: Containing the UTM easting coordinates of the points

  • N: Containing the UTM northing coordinates of the points

  • Type: Containing the style number of each point

  • Label (to be displayed at the map)

‘Type’ and ‘Label’ are optional (not necessary).

Any additional data fields can be imported only to the attached database (see  Chapter 4.2 for the procedure to start with new database).

It is recommended to use these field (column) names, but not necessary. Have row 1 as the header row, with the names of the fields. If you do not have the coordinates in UTM, you should convert them to UTM, if you have only a few, or should enter them in latitude / longitude degrees and convert them later to UTM, if you have many.

- - - - -

2. Save this file as an XLS file (not as XLSX).  (In MS Office 2007: ‘Save As’ > MS Excel 97-2003 Workbook operation)

- - - - -

3. In Map Maker: Main menu > Utilities > Vector utilities > Import files > Excel spreadsheet with XY > Step 1of 3 window: Choose source XLS file > Select folder > Select XLS file, as created in the previous step > Open > Choose table window: Sheet 1 > OK > Next step > Step 2 of 3 window: Assign references:

  • Column containing the object ID: ID

  • Column containing the X coordinate: X

  • In most of Ghana, the X coordinates are to the West (not East). If there are entered as lat/long with positive values to the West: Assuming positive is West. (If they are entered in UTM or in negative values, leave default)

  • Column containing the Y coordinate: Y

  • Format of X and Y coordinates: Leave default of ‘Integer or decimal number’

  • Column containing the display label: Label (if exists, otherwise leave blank)

  • Column containing the style number: Type (if exists, otherwise leave blank)

> Next step >

> Step 3 of 3 window: Choose target file > Specify new, temporary file name > Save > Finish > Confirm save

Alternatively: Main menu > Utilities > GPS utilities > Import data > Comma separated text, select file type (*.csv), select folder and file

- - - - -

4. Display this map in Map Maker, check and see the coordinate system (bottom left, see also Annex 2.1 to differentiate between UTM and lat / long).

- - - - -

5. If these coordinates are in lat / long, you have to convert them to UTM 30: Main menu > Utilities > Latitude and Longitude > WGS84 Lat/Long file to xy > Vector > Choose target XY map projection window: Select UTM 30 (if not listed, see Annex 1.1.5) > OK > Choose file window: Select folder and file > Choose or name a file window: Select folder > Enter file name > Save


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