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8.8.7 Entry of Project Data

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Expert at HQ; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

As an archive of national coverage, these data have to be entered at TCPD-HQ. It is distributed through the LUPMIS installation / update.

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Technical Note 1: Mandatory entry fields for reports are general sector, specific class, District /Region code (or blank for Ghana), geographical extension (in UTM coordinates, read from GIS), completion.

Technical Note 2:
Import of projects metadata is also possible from a CSV file ('Import'). CSV specifications are explained on-screen.

Technical Note 3: Transfer from HQ to LUPMIS installation servers/work stations is carried out through '
Transfer'. This creates file 'Backup_Metadata.sql' (also containing the Reports Database), which will be on the LUPMIS installation file or can be copied manually to the folder C:\xampp\mysql\data\metadata\ of the target installation.


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