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7.6 Local Plan

7.6.1 Concept of Local Plan

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Planner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Local Plans
are replacing sector layouts, which were drawn by TCPD in the past. They are detailed plans of land use planning schemes of a sector.

A sector is a part of a settlement (some 100-300 ha) with some 100-1000 parcels. Their entities are defined by the Structure Plan as relatively homogenous land use patterns. Boundaries often follow main roads or natural features (rivers, mountains etc). In flat land, they often have a near-square or rectangular shape, in sloping terrain they often follow the topography.

Strict government regulations should be well balanced with free-market economy demand on one side and individuals’ desire on land use on the other side: Important considerations and decisions, but well beyond the scope of this GIS Manual.

Refer to the Local Plan Guidelines of the Project, currently being developed.

Normally, Local Plans are produced at the scale of 1:2,500

See also Chapter 7.1.3 for the role of the Local Plan within the entire planning concept, and its further description.


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