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8.9.2 Change District / Region

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

LUPMIS is designed to cover all Districts and Regions of Ghana on a decentralized level. Databases are maintained and under the responsibility of the individual Assemblies, but the system (software and data standards) are kept on a national level. In the sample below, the system is currently on Kasoa. To switch from one District to another, use Settings > Change District / Region:

A menu will appear with the listing of all Districts installed on the current database server. Select from there. If yours is not listed, you should install your District through the established procedure (see there).

This will give you access to all District-specific databases, such as permits, revenues, addresses etc.

If you don't know, in which District your system is in, use the option Settings Tools > About (see Chapter 8.9.7).

If you set up a new District (or Region), you should follow a sequence of data population procedures: See Annex 9.1.


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