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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.7 Revenue Tools > 8.7.3 Retrieval of revenue data Demand Notices

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Basic; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Demand Notices are invoices for property or business revenue, to be collected by the revenue collectors. The document can be retrieved either for a single property / business or for many.

- Single Demand Notice

Go to the retrieval of property / business info, as explained in the previous Chapter, then click on
Create Demand Notice:

This has created a PDF file with the name of the Demand Notice, including the UPN (for example, 'DN-678-0789-0123-prop-2013-05-31') in folder C:\LUPMIS\(district)\(district) rev\DemandNotices.
The file can then be printed through any PDF program, recommended
Acrobat Reader (see Annex 11 for distribution, Annex 1.1.3 for installation): Windows Explorer > right-mouse click > 'Print'.

- - - - -

- Many Demand Notices

If you want to retrieve many Demand Notices, you can select

  • the street, or

  • a range of streets, or

  • the collector, or

  • the UPN grid,

for which all Demand Notices will be prepared and saved to the computer for print.

Observe that you can print in different paper sizes (A4 or A5), also 2 Demand Notices (each A5) on an A4 page (option 5 above). You can also group many Demand Notices (either 100 or 1000) in 1 PDF file. If there are more than 100 or 1000, another PDF will be created.

It is also possible to print many Demand Notices in A5 size on A4 paper:


Because it requires considerable print preparation if you have many Demand Notices to be printed, you can print prepared Demand Notices in a second step:

Revenue > Utilities > Print Demand Notice > Print Demand Notice >

> Select Demand Notice, which you will recognize by its file name > Open

You can also bulk-print through other software utilities. Just be aware, that all Demand Notices are stored in your .... rev \ DemandNotices folder.
- - - - -

- List of submitted Demand Notices

Revenue > Properties (or Business) > List / Map > In the filter: Define start and/or end date of Demand Notice submission > Continue > 

> Tick box 'Demand Notices' > List


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