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7.6.2 Workplan for Local Plan

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Planner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Take a Structure Plan, and select a relatively homogenous area of 100-200 ha (if square: 1000-1500 m per side).

- - - - -

2. For easier processing, divide the sector in subsectors, unless it is smaller than 800-1000 m. A subsector should be one polygon, in live layer mode in Map Maker, as the only polygon.

- - - - -

3. Collect important GIS information, unless you have them already from the Structure Plan compilation. Information required depends on the area and might include:

  • Local, detailed land use map (see Chapter 7.3 for the procedure to map details)

  • Contour lines (1 or 0.50 m interval, if available) and / or steep terrain (slope map or identification of areas above n degrees)
  • Hydrology: Rivers, lakes, drainage channels
  • Roads
  • Land ownership boundaries
  • Educational establishments
  • Health facilities
  • Industries
  • Markets and other commercial outlets
  • Offices
  • Petrol stations
  • Utility systems (general)
  • Waste management (solid and liquid)
  • Drainage and sanitation
  • Places of worship
  • etc

- - - - -

4. In difficult or non-flat terrain (steep, undulating, ecologically sensitive, eroded areas, with rivers, flooded areas, exposed to fine dust or noise pollution, or similar) exclusion zones can be defined as polygons - similar to the approach for Structure Plans, but here in more detail.

The road network has to consider these zones (see step 5 below). It might be useful to make other information layers available (or ‘visible’) in Map Maker, for example, contour lines or scanned maps.

The processing of these exclusion zones can be done together with the road buffers (as explained in step 3 of the process below).

- - - - -

5. Develop ideas of a road network inside the new Local Plan area.

If roads already form the border of this area on the Structure Plan, start from them. Follow contour lines, whenever necessary (in steep terrain), avoid too many river crossings, avoid marsh land or rock outcrops.

You can choose a square road network, a rectangular system or a curved road system outline.(All of them are shown as parts of the sample below).


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