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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.5 Permit Tools > 8.5.2 Entry Permit Entry

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

  • a) New/edit application:

Permit Tools > Entry > Development Permi t> New / edit application > add a new application brings you to the entry screen for a new application:

  • b) Fee entry:

If a new application is entered, you can enter only the processing fee (and date and receipt of payment, if paid). There are 10 different fees, which can apply for the process of permit application:

    • Processing fee
    • Permit fee
    • Penalty fee
    • Permit renewal fee
    • Betterment changes fee
    • Development charges fee
    • Certificate completion fee
    • Property address fee
    • Transfer of ownership fee
    • Rezoning fee

All fees and their pay status can be entered through Permit Tools > Entry > Development permits > Fee. Their calculation and display is explained in Chapter of financial status of permits.

  • c) Status entry:

During the application process, various steps are followed by the authorities. These are monitored in LUPMIS to give the applicant an always up-to-date information about his/her application. The major status are:

    • Received at TCPD
    • Vetting
    • Site inspection
    • Technical review
    • Final decision with approval, rejection or query

These status can be entered through Permit Tools > Entry > Development Permit > Status update. Information of the status is described in the Chapter about permit retrieval.
  • d) Approval:

The final decision of the Planning Steering Committee for a permit application is entered through Permit Tools > Entry > Development Permit > Approve: One.

  • e) Bulk approval:

If many applications are under process and discussed at various meetings, the option of generating a list of pending application can be retrieved through Permit Tools > Entry > Development Permit > List for approval. This list is displayed on screen, and can also be retrieved in Excel (CSV file) or printed from Excel, or their locations shown in GIS or Internet map browser. This list can be taken to technical and Assembly meetings.

After decisions are made for approval vs refusal vs query, a bulk entry for those pending applications can be made through Permit Tools > Entry > Development Permit > Approval: From list. This shows the same list, as prepared before, but with following options:

    • Approved
    • Refused
    • Queried
    • No decision made

All applicants can retrieve an SMS text message, if they registered their telephone numbers.


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