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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.3 Processing Tools > 8.3.8 Other GIS Tools Quality-Control

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Advanced; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Automatic check of following features are made for GIS files:

    • Feature types (should contain only polygons or lines or points or text, but not a combination of those)
    • Local Plans should have only polygons
    • Invalid labels or ids
    • Plans should have a planning zone (style)
    • Streetlines should have unique names and not be broken
    • Local Plans should have a UPN
    • Coordinate system should be valid (GTM or UTM)
    • No duplicate features should exist
    • No micro polygons or micro gaps should exist in polygon maps
    • Vertex points should be snapped in polygon maps
    • Local Plans should have an address (street name and property number)
    • Local Plans should not have more than 6000 parcels
    • Detection of label points in polygon maps, which are outside of the polygon
    • Identification of polygons, which are not correctly 'snapped' and form overlapping or missing areas (semi-automatic)

  • Complete with addresses (for Local Plans)
  • Complete with UPN (for Local Plans)
  • Complete with planning zones (for Local Plans)

This QC check can be invoked through Processing Tools > Other GIS Tools > Quality-control of GIS file > Select file > Select type of check (there are basic and complete tests) > Execute:

The check will either show failure:

or passing:

To show the location and easy fix, 'Error maps' are generated at the end of the quality-control process, with dots either in the centre of a feature or at the polygon boundary (actually, 1.vertex) of the failed parcel.

Different colours (in different GIS files) indicate the problems. For example:
    • Brown: Small sliver polygons
    • Red: Wrong features (e.g. lines in a polygon map)
    • Green: Missing planning zone (style)
    • Blue: Missing address/street name
    • Yellow: Missing UPN
    • Purple: Micro polygons
    • Magenta: Labels outside polygons



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