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8.8 Reports Tools

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

8.8.1 General

These Reports Tools of LUPMIS give intelligent, selective access to the documents, which are distributed with the LUPMIS system. They contain documents as text documents (most in Word format), spreadsheets / tables, presentations, videos etc - all related to spatial land use planning. It is a support library for planning with more than 5000 documents.

Report data contain:

  • Title

  • District or Region or nation-wide

  • Scale

  • Source or institution

  • Number of pages

  • Year of publication

  • Geographical location

  • File name

  • File location in system

  • File format

  • Keywords

  • Remarks, with potentials, constraints

This report archive (metadata) is centrally organized at HQ and will be updated with every LUPMIS update, the actual reports are distributed to all installations through the LUPMIS Supplement DVD (see Annex 11 about LUPMIS distribution).

Technical note: All reports are stored in folder C:\LUPMIS\LUPMISReports.


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