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4.3.7 Display of circles with variable sizes (2)

To avoid the vertical line inside the circle and to have easier control over the size of the circles, you can use following alternativ approach:

- 1. You have a column in your source table, which indicates the size of each circle, as shown in the sample table in Chapter 4.3.4 as the rightmost column. You can call this column ‘Size’ or similar.

You don't need a column 'Dummy'.

- 2. You proceed as explained in  Chapter 4.3.4: From the Project manager window: Style (1) > Labels (2) > Option (3) > Data chart (4) >

(If the attribute file (XLS) has not been loaded yet: Choose file window: Select XLS file > Open > Choose link column window: ID > OK) >

> Select data column ('Size' or similar, 5) > Data chart (6) >

> Single value percentage spot (7) > Size of chart: You can enter any appropriate size (8) > OK (9).

The result can look like:


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