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9.7 Address Database

The Address Database is the main reference between the UPN (see Chapter 8.2.2a for full explanation) and publicly used street names and property numbers

9.7.1 Import to Address Directory

There are 3 different ways to import addresses (street names and property numbers) into LUPMIS, all based on the backbone of UPN.

A) The fastest, 'cleanest' and least error-prone method to assign street names and property numbers ('addresses') to all parcels is the automatic assignment with the LUPMIS Tool 'Street name / property number'. The entire process is explained in Chapter 8.2.3 of the Drawing Tools.

Process (1):  Drawing > UPN / Street Names > Street name / property number modifies the GIS (DRA) file and updates the databases, also generates additional DRA files with property numbers etc.
- - - - -

B) Street names and property numbers can also be individually and manually assigned in Map Maker in the live layer. It might take many working days to enter names and numbers to all parcels to the 'Display label' field in a bigger layout, is also highly error-prone and requires therefore careful checking. It can also be used to modify earlier assignments.

Process (2) requires the entry of street names and property numbers on all parcels, then: Drawing > UPN / Street Names > Utilities > Update address directory from GIS. This creates a new DRA file, which is then to be renamed if to be used as standard, and also updates the databases etc.

If mainly working with the Revenue Tools, preferred option for this import is: Revenue > Entry > Import GIS data > Select GIS file (Local Plan), which must be in the SL folder > Check 'Include addresses in import from GIS file' (important!) > Import.
- - - - -

C) Even more time-consuming, but also possible is to collect envisaged street names and property numbers in the field or in the office for each parcel, and enter them in the field data sheet to be imported to LUPMIS.

Process (3): Street names and property numbers are manually created as an office exercise or collected in the field, then entered in the CSV file (in two of the columns, rather at the left) for import to LUPMIS, e.g. through: Revenue > Entry > Import revenue data (field) > Select file > Select property/business > Check 'Import street names / property numbers from selected file' (important!).
- - - - -

There are two additional copy options within the databases, if data became corrupt or old, inconsistent data still exist:

- Process (4) for copying addresses from Address Database to Revenue Database, if good addresses exist in the address directory, but not in the Revenue Database: Revenue > Entry > Import GIS data > Select any GIS file (as dummy) > Check 'Import only addresses from Address Database' (important!).

- Process (5) for copying address from Revenue Database to Address Database, if for example data have been imported from field data sheet: Drawing > UPN / Street Names > Utilities > Update address directory from DB. If you have old, 'unused' or incorrect addresses in your Address Database, you might even better delete all its entries with Settings > Backup of databases > Delete Address Database before you copy the new ones from the Revenue Database.


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