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8. LUPMIS Tools > 8.5 Permit Tools > 8.5.2 Entry Parcel Edit

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

With a new application, a new parcel has to be registered in the Permit Database through: Permit Tools > Entry > Parcel > Edit parcel > Select the parcel. These parcels have been imported through the 'Import GIS data' Permit Tool (see Chapter

You can then enter or change the parcel information, and links to applicant, agent or permit:

Retrieval options of parcels are described in Chapter

As a normal operation, this follows the entry of a new applicant. If the 'next' button is pressed when saving a new applicant, this applicant appears as default at the Applicant entry box ('Baidoo, Paul' in the example above).
- - - - -

If no UPN and no Local Plan exist for the parcel under application, but a survey has been made and coordinates are known for a parcel under application, you can enter the coordinates of a geographical point well inside the parcel in the entry box at the bottom:

The system will then check in the Address Database, and assign a new UPN to this parcel. Entry will continue.

If at a later stage, a plan will be drawn in the area around this parcel, the UPN assignment of the new plan will recognize this parcel and keep the UPN.


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