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5.1.3 Convert Point Coordinates between Projections

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; general GIS training
This procedure applies to both projection transfer and to datum transfer.

1. Load Geographic Translator
(If not installed, contact TCPD-HQ / LUPMIS,  email)

2. Select input and output coordinate system (Lat/long is 'Geodetic', UTM is listed)
For example: Conversion from lat/long:

to UTM:

3. Be sure, that the WGS84 is selected under Datum, both at the upper half (for input) and at the lower half of the screen (for output)

4. Enter the coordinates in the fields of the upper half of the window. Degrees can be entered in decimal degrees format (for example, 5.4654N, i.e. with a point) or in degrees-minutes (for example, 5 30, i.e. with space between degrees and minutes) or in degrees-minutes-seconds (for example 5 21 45, i.e. with spaces between degrees and minutes and seconds)

5. Press the Convert button at the bottom.

6. Results are shown in the fields of the lower half.

Specific examples for converting from  War Office (Ghana Grid) or from  Ghana Clarke 1880 to UTM are given in the following two Chapters.

Points can also be converted with the 'Unit conversion' Drawing Tool of LUPMIS (see also YouTube video).


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