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8.6.2 Census Data Entry

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD Manual Census Data Entry for Settlements:

Data of settlements can be entered, individually for each settlement, for population numbers, function, number of households, houses etc. Choose
Entry > Settlement.

You first select the settlement and the census year, then enter the data.

Technical note: This requires the file xxx_settlements.dra (where xxx = name of District/Region, e.g. Western_settlements.dra) in your LUPMIS. All settlements of this list are derived from the GIS. To add a 'new' settlement, you have to enter it first in the GIS (DRA file). Manual Census Data Entry for Districts:

Data for entire Districts can be entered for their population, also for infrastructure and production figures, as shown below. Choose
Entry > District.

Because these data are year-specific and Districts are changing over time, you first define the year. LUPMIS will then access the District map (DRA file) of that specific year.

Technical note: The GIS District file should have the name <name of district>_district_<year>.dra, e.g. Western_district_2010.dra.

Technical note: This requires the file xxx_district_yyyy.dra (where xxx = name of District/Region, yyyy = year, e.g. Western_district_2010.dra) in your LUPMIS. All Districts of this list are derived from the GIS. To add a 'new' District, you have to enter it first in the GIS (DRA file). Census Data Import for Settlements

A faster way to enter data to the Census Database is the direct import of a table. Similar to manual entry, there is a difference between settlements and Districts/Regions.

For the import of settlement tables, choose
Entry > Import: Settlements

The import table should be a
CSV table, which can be derived from Excel (Save As > CSV file) in the format of: name of settlement or District/Region , population figure . It is very important, that the spelling of settlement names is consistent, i.e. the same in the CSV file and in the GIS. If a name is to be changed, it has to be changed both in the import file and in the GIS.

Technical note: CSV files are ASCII files, with commas separating the values. Don't enter any commas in the data.

Example for a CSV import file for settlement population:
Tarkwa,30631 Census Data Import for Districts

For the import of District tables, choose
Entry > Import: Districts

As District figures, do not only refer to population numbers, but also to infrastructure (schools, clinics etc) and to production figures (agriculture, forest etc), the type of information will be selected in the next menu.

The same criteria for CSV files apply as explained in the previous Chapter. Census Data Edit

You can edit the census data, if a population record already exists for the selected settlement/District/Region.

It is also possible to enter the edit mode including deleting option through
Retrieval > Settlements/Districts > ... >Tic: With edit options. There is an edit/delete button at each population record on the right side.

After entry of census data, they should be processed before full data analyses can be performed: See Chapter 8.6.6.


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