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8.7.2 Entry of Revenue Data

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Intermediate; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

To get revenue data into LUPMIS, they can be:

  • imported from another dataset (e.g. Excel) through a CSV file (see following Chapters and and and, or

  • entered directly in LUPMIS (see below), or
  • transferred from another LUPMIS installation through the Backup/Restore function. Manual Entry of Property / Business Data

If you have only a few property or business data, select
Revenue > Entry > Property (or Business).
You then select the property to add or to edit. If you add a new property (or business), you have to start with '
Enter UPN of property (business)':

Alternatively, if the property has already been entered or imported, you can edit it by selecting from a pull-down list:

Alternatively, you can also select by the first numbers of the UPN or by the street name or by the owner's name.

Once you have selected the property / business, press 'Continue'.

if you get a message like 'There are 2 SubUPNs defined for this property on UPN 591-0596-0008. Go back and select the correct one in the previous window!', you have to re-select the UPN and enter a SubUPN letter, such as A or B, in the previous window, step 2.

You then come to the entry screen, where you enter all available data, such as owner name, his address, telepone number, etc. Very important is the selection of the property use, as highlighted in screen shot below.

At the end, you save the data with the 'Save' button at the bottom.


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