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8.5.4 Parcels Parcels: List & Map

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Basic; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

Parcels, which have been imported into the Permit Database from the Local Plan GIS file (see Chapter and possibly edited with additional data or links (see Chapter, can be retrieved by a wide range of options through Permit Tools > Parcel > List / Map. You can select by UPN, planning zone, x/y coordinates, area code, Local Plan, street name.

The most basic version looks like this:

More comprehensive listing can include additional data, such as:

All displayed listings are also transferred into a CSV file for import to an Excel file.

With the buttons on top of the listing, it is possible to generate a map of the listed parcels either in the GIS:

or on an Internet browser (Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, as shown below):


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