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Annexes 1-10 > A2. Background to cartography/raster images

Annex 2: Background to Cartography and Raster Images

A2.1 Coordinates

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; general GIS training

Each point on a flat (2-dimensional) map can be defined by its horizontal and vertical distances from a reference point. (The reference point is defined by the projection, see  Annex 2.2 for background, Annex 8 for parameters)

If LUPMIS is installed correctly (see Annex 1.1), you can see by the coordinate display at the bottom left, if the map layer is in:

  • UTM, with UTM numbers ('large numbers') and lat / long ('small numbers'), or

  • lat / long, with only lat / long ('small numbers') displayed.


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