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2. GIS data entry

2.7 Split Line

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; general Map Maker training

A line might have to be split for different reasons:

  • A line is too long

  • Creating a buffer around a line does not show the correct result (see  Chapter 3.1)

  • A new line is joining an existing line, but not at a nod
  • Another line is joining a line in the middle (for example, a new side road has been tracked, joining a main road. The main road has to be split)

Procedure, also called ‘cutting’:

1. The layer with the line has to be in live layer:
From Program manager window: Add layer > ….  > (if it has an attached database, also: Data link > Database > Choose database > ……) > Copy layer to live layer) > OK.

2. Split the line:
Right-mouse > Edit > Cutter (or from left side panel: Cutter) > Move the cursor close to the splitting point at the left > click > move it across the line > click > right-mouse > OK.

If a new line is to be joined at this intersection, be sure to snap it:
When editing the vertex, right-click > Action > Snap to nearest vertex.

Don’t forget to save the live layer (
Main menu > Edit > Save live layer).


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