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5.1.5 Convert Point Coordinates from Ghana Clark 1880 (feet)

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Beginner; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD
This procedure can also be applied also to different datum projections.

Clarke 1880 in TM (Transverse Mercator) in feet is the standard projection on many sector maps of TCPD (see also  Annex 8).

1. Load Geographic Translator
(If not installed, contact TCPD-HQ / LUPMIS or email below)

2. Input > Transverse Mercator > Output: UTM.
(Likewise, other projections can be chosen)

3. Datum (in the upper half of the screen): GHE Ghana Cl ft 4_40/.99975/274320
(If not installed, contact TCPD-HQ / LUPMIS and copy file 3_param.dat to folder of Geographic Translator GeoTrans95)

4. Central Meridian: 1W
5. Origin Latitude: 4.6666666N
6. Scale Factor: 0.99975
7. False Easting: 274320
8. False Northing: 0

9. Easting value:
Take a pocket calculator and convert the feet to meter by
dividing it by 3.28084 (as 1 ft = 0.30480 m) and enter the result in the Geographic Translator under Easting. (See also Annex 2.5for conversions).
For example: If map reading shows: 1111610, divide by 3.28084, equals 338819.

10. Northing value: Repeat the same process (step 9 above) for northing.

11. If converting to UTM or lat/long, check that the datum (at the bottom half of the screen) shows WGS84: World Geodetic System 1984

12. Press the Convert button at the bottom.
13. Results are shown in the fields at the bottom

A more general description to convert between different projections (with an example to convert from lat / long to UTM) is given in  Chapter 5.1.3.


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