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8.4.8 Map Population Projections

Level of expertise required for this Chapter: Expert; specifically for LUPMIS @ TCPD

This Web page is still under construction and incomplete. It will be updated and complete shortly.

For planning settlement patterns in a dynamic population, it is important to have a rough estimate of the area of settlement extension in future. Population projection is the first step (handled by the Census Tools of LUPMIS), but these future population figures also have to be reflected spatially in the land use plans.

How big is the built-up of a settlement in 10, 20 or 30 years? The Printing Tool 'Settlement Land Requirements' will help.

Excample: Settlement Aiyinase with promotion to a higher hierarchy level in future, and therefore settlement growth and extension of area to be expected (yellow pattern in land use map below):

Select: Settlement Land Requirements > In Map Maker: Use symbol >

Switch to Map Maker:
Symbol > Click on approximate center of settlement > OK >

Back to LUPMIS menu, you should now see the coordinates of the centre point. You now enter:
Current population (either as a figure or selected from the Census Database) >  Future population (can be taken from Census Database) > Current settlement area (can be retrieved from Map Maker) >

> Continue >

The display in Map Maker will then show the area of the settlement at the projected population number, assuming the same population density as before (as square or circle). Please keep in mind, that the exact location of the built-up area and its division into planning zones can not be automized and has to be done manually by the planners.


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